EMPTY::Var=FALSE (boolean)

WEBvivo core class

db() - PDO wrapper class compatible with ezSQL syntax
pdo() - PHP PDO class
user() - User management class

allLanguages() - Returns array with all framework enabled languages
antiReload() - Avoid to resent post or get on page reloads
arraySanitize() - Sanitize normal or multidimensional array values
base64url_decode() - Decode string in base64 URL format
base64url_encode() - Encode string in base64 URL format
base64URLDecode() - base64url_decode() alias
base64URLEncode() - base64url_encode() alias
bruteforceAttemp() - Write a new invalid login attemp to bruteforce table
bruteforceCheck() - Check bruteforce access
captureGetVars() - Set global vars captured and filtered from GET with a 
                   given size 
captureGlobalGet() - Capture and filter all $_GET vars with $key = value if 
                     $key is not previously defined.
captureGlobalPost() - Capture and filter all $_POST vars with $key = value if 
                      $key is not previously defined.
capturePostVars() - Set global vars captured and filtered from POST with a 
                    given size
chkEmpty() - Check if an array or multidimensiona array is empty
chkIndexBacktrace() - Detect if class is called from index or other page
chkLang($iso) - Check if supplied iso lang code is enabled
cleanString() - Remove any tags, links or multiline comments
countryNameByISO() - Return Country name of a given ISO3166-1_A2 code
decodeVars() - Get array with vars received from a base64 encoded string
detectBotByIP() - isBot method alias
detectBotByUserAgent() - Detect if the user_agent is from a bot.
download() - Download a file
dumpDecode() - Check response contents codified in json and base64-url
emailSend() - Simple email send function
encodeVars() - Encode the vars of a GET query string using base64url
extractQueryStr() - Extract all the vars and arrays from GET
fileCacheChk() - Check if current page must be cached
fileCacheRead() - Read cache file if exist and delete expired cache files
fileCacheWrite() - Write the $obcontent to file cache
filterRecursive() - Recursively filter array or object
filterUsername() - Filter the login form username POST field
formatDate() - Returns a formated date, depending on int used in $opt
getAllText() - Generate array with (key => text) with actual page text on 
               selected language
getAlternateHeader() - Generate alternate link header with all enabled 
getBlock() - Get content block in selected language
getBreadcrumb() - Get breadcrumb to var with bootstrap styles
getBrowserLang() - Get browser higher score enabled language
getConfValue() - Get the value of a given cat + key
getCopyright() - Generate Copyright string in HTML comment format
getDate() - Get current date for configured default_time_zone
getDomainTLD() - Return the TLD of given domain
getFileExtension() - Return the file extension of given file
getMIMEType() - Get de MIME type of a given file extension
getMsg() - Create a system message or error from array
getMsgIterator() - Recursively show all messages of multidimensional arrays
getNavbarLang() - Generate a Bootstrap navbar lang changer item with all 
                  enabled languages
getQueryStr() - Create array with (name => value) data of URI query string
getQueryVars() - Convert from GET query to compresed var without base64 
getRawBlock() - Get block text of given ID and language
getRawBlockName() - Get block name of given ID and language
getReferer() - Returns one array with 
getShiftDate() - get a shifted date/time by seconds, minutes, hours, days, 
                 weeks, months or years
getText() - Return text value for current language for given $key
getUriAlias() - Get actual alias page from URI
getUserInfo() - Get all user info and attributes for a given user id
getVersion() - Get framework version string
hostIPAuth() - Check if a IP or host IP is in the array toauthorize access
initClass() - Load classes using spl_autoload_register and conf array
ip2Country() - Get country code of a given IP using Maxmind
isBot() - Detect if a IP is from a bot.
isCountry() - Detect UE and LATAM countries
langName() -  Return language name for given ISO code
lcut() - Delete on the left of a string the part that matches literally with 
         another one.
logException() - Log exceptions.
login() - Try to login if credentials and login order was sent
loginByHash() - Try to login if a login HASH is detected
loginHash() - Generate a login HASH to identify a user from a URL GET
logout() - Disconect user session
microtime() - Calculate the time between the given microtime and actual time
move2SSL() - If not https, redirect domain to SSL and viceversa if switch 
object2List() - Get a comma separated list from object to use as 
                "WHERE $value IN ($list)"
pageBenchmark() - Measure the page loading speed and memory consumption
pageId2Alias() - Generate array with (page id => page alias) of all virtual 
putConfValue() - Update a conf value
queryStr() - Used by getQueryStr() to capture all vars to an array
queryStrVar() - Used by getQueryStr() to return a single var instead all the 
                query string
randPass() - Password generator
rcut() - Delete on the right of a string the part that matches literally with 
         another one.
readCookiesAgree() - Read cookies_agree cookie
redir() - Redirect to a given URI and type or redirect.
redirect301() - Redirect old pages to new ones using configuration array
reduceArray() - Reduce multidimensional array/object to simple array
removeAccents() - Remove accents from a text string
removeLangFromQueryString() - Remove lang and setlang vars from query string 
                              before generating the new query to avoid adding 
                              it again when changing language
rowOrder() - Change numeric order field to move up or down sql rows
setCookiesAgree() - Set de cookies_agree cookie
setVar() - Check if var is unset and set it as null, else return original value
showBlock() - Show content block in selected language
showBreadcrumb() - Show breadcrumb with bootstrap styles
showMsg() - Show the message created by createMsg
showText() - Show text value for current language for given $key
ssl() - Check if page is loaded using https protocol
ssl_decrypt() - Decrypt string using openssl_encrypt
ssl_encrypt() - Encrypt string  using openssl_encrypt
sslDecrypt() - ssl_decrypt() alias
sslEncrypt() - ssl_encrypt() alias
urlizer() - Convert string to use in URLs, page names and similar.
userGroupName() - Get user group name for current user
validateEncryptionHash() - Validate encryption hashes
vardump() - Enhanced var dump with prism styles for debugging purposes