Text methods
chkIfTextKeyExist()  Check if a text key exist
updateText()         Update a text keyword
readText()           Return objet with the text in all languages
delText()            Delete text keyword and contents
recoverText()        Recover (enable) a disabled (deleted) text
purgeText()          Purgue text keyword and contents
renTextKey()         Rename a text keyword
searchText()         Search text or text keyword
getTextKeyID()       Get text key ID by name
getKeyNameByID()     Get text key name by key id

Users methods
updateUser($cnf)           Update or create user.
deleteUser()                   Delete users
getAllUsers($stat)          Get a list of all users
purgeUsers()                   Purge deactivated users
userStat($users,$stat)    Change user stat
disableUser($users)       Disable user
enableUser($users)        Enable user
searchCustomer($search)  Search into de customer info

Entities methods
getEntityName($id)   Get entity name from ID
getEntityID($name)   Get entity ID from name

Pages methods
getPageInfo()        Get page info by ID or alias
chkIfPageExist()     Check if page id or alias exist
updatePage()         Create/update a new page alias
chkIfVpageExist()    Check if virtual page id or alias exist
updateVpage()        Create/update a new virtual page alias
delVpage()           Delete virtual page
getAllVpages()       Gel all virtual pages

Support methods
antiReload()     Avoid to resent post or get on page reloads
backPgGen()      Return encoded back link to use in backPg() function
backPg()         Return a link to go back if exist or current link instead
cidr2Range()     Return IP range from CIDR address
netMatch()       Return true if IP is included in CIDR range
nonRoutableIP()  True if IP is in a non routable range
switchStat()     Switch the state of stat value