getAllElementValuesById($idx,$opt) - Get all data of a given record by idx.
getDataByAttr($conf) - Get the data value of a given attr and idx.
getItemDataByAttr($idx,$attr,$gid,$gsv) - Get the data value of a given attr and idx.
getIDXByData($attr,$data) - Get the IDX of a given attribute data.
getAllIDXByAttrValue($attr,$value) - Get all the IDX of a given attr value
getAttrNameById($id) - Get attribute name from atttribute ID.
getAttrByValId($id_validator) - Get all the attribute names assigned to a
                                given validator ID.
getElementTitles($group_id,$stat) - Get all the element titles of a given
                                    element group ID. If not empty stat get
                                    also disabled elements.
getSelectValue($ref,$value) - Get name of a given selector ref and value.
getSelectValues($ref) - Get all the values of a selector
getSelectID($ref,$name) - Get value id of a given selector ref and name.
updateSelectorItems($conf) - Create or update selector's options.
delSelectorItem($conf) - Delete element from AEV selectors
formatAttr($attr,$data) - Format an attr depending on data_type and value.
getElementData($conf) - Get all the data for a given  element group ID ($e)
                        and filter ($f). To reduce data to a given idx, add
                        it to function on $idx. If not empty sdd get also
                        disabled data and sda is disabled attribs.
getAttrInfo($attr) - Get the all the info of a given attribute by their name or ID.
getAttrOriginDBName($attr) - Get the DB data field name of a given attr name.
IDXExist($idx) - Check if a given IDX exist
attrExist($attr) - Check if a given attribute exist
getElementOptions($eid) - Get all the option names of an element ID.
getElementOptionsID($eid='') - Get all the options IDs of an element ID.
chkElementOptions($eid,$opt_name) - Check if a option name exist in a given element ID.
listElementOptions() - Get a text list of all options and their descriptions
updateElementOptions($eid,$opt) - Create or update element options
updateElementItems($conf) - Create or update element on an element group.
getElementGrpNames($json_lst,$eid) - Get ordered attribute names of element sub groups
getElementItem() - Get values of a element by ID
deleteElementItems() - Delete one or more element items and its subgroups
searchStrInData($conf) - Search string in data across one or more attributes.
detectDupeAttr($limit) - Detect duplicate no multi-attr by IDX
detectDupeMultiAttr() - Detect duplicate multi-attr
updateGrpDataValue($cnf) - Update values of a group and sub-groups from array
updateDataValue($cnf) - Update or add a value of a given attribute and IDX
delDataValue($conf) - Delete the value of a given attribute and IDX
delDataValueByID($box) - Delete one or more record from EAV data by ID
delRecord($idx,$stat) - Delete single record by IDX.
delRecords($idx_list) - Delete a list of record by IDX.
getAllRecords() - Gen a list of all the records
delAllDataFromIDX($idx) - Delete data of all the attributes of a IDX